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Alexander [Kandinskiy]-[Dae]
How do you do, people! We will be familiar!
I, for you, brought,
Heap of any words!
Songs and verses!

I see to you, not-to- me!
Holiday I want to arrange, for you!
Here is I, such - generous and simple!
I see, not who from you, not rad!

But this nothing, and this [proydet]!
Even if not who, not [spoet]!
And it will not describe verses!
About YOU!!!!

1. biographical information.

[Kandinskiy]-[DAE] Alexander [Ocher]
It was born in Russia into [g].[Ocher] of 1957[g]. On August 26. Orphan.

1969-1973[gg]. - [DKHSH], instructor [S].[A].[Barkovskiy].
1973-1977[gg]. - The Nizhniy Tagil artistic- graphic department of pedagogical institute, instructor [V].[N].[Pryanishnikov].
1972-1975[gg]. - summer period, practice period in Moscow in [E].[A].[Kibrika].
1978-1980[gg]. - Service in the armed forces of Russia, PVO (Air Defense).
1981-1987[gg]. - high [khud].[uchilishche] [im]. Of [mukhinoy], Demin's workshop.
1982-1985[gg]. - summer period, practice period in doctor [E].[E].[Breder], [g].[Lion], France,
1987-1992[gg]. - it learned and worked abroad.
1990[g]. - [Sorbonna]. Protected doctorate degree. Theme: French twilight and effect [DAE] ".

2. direction of creation.

He is since 2005 the founder of new direction in the painting “expressive [SUBLIMATIZM]”.
The relationship of light relations is proportional to the color relations of the equal to promising modulations of [vibrotsentralnykh] plastic aspects light-color flows, which are synthesized in the subconsious [mirooshchushchencheskikh] perceptions of the central and [perefericheskoy] nervous system of human organism, which are pushed out by unique behavioral motor- psychopathic energy-balanced guides of each individual individual.

Beam of the [sublimativnykh] characteristics, connected together with light-colorplastic, time-spatial aspects by the psychogenic perception of the surrounding space, that influences subconsciousness of individual, which forces him to receive painting as the means of ejection from the [nutrilichnostnykh] experiences, [modereniziruyushchikhsya] because of experienced vital [perepetiyam] into the powerful light-color fields (red, dark-blue, yellow, black, green, white), clearly divided by the local zones of the specific sections of brain, that correspond for one or by other colored or another.
The influence of color, divided off by the luminous fluxes, which depends on the time characteristics (season, the time of day, emotional state, the balance of mental overloads, and so lamp, sun, speck of light, reflex, shade, complete darkness just as to pain, happiness, pleasure, to [nenavesti], to indifference, multiplied by [psikhogenezisom], subdivided with the influence of external and internal environment, pressed by the time frame: by the past, by future and to present, gives the possibility to write pictures in any temporary [prostransvennom] aspect, without taking into account [dannost] of present, past or future…)\

Computation of № 1341
… theme - [Vibratsentralnye] aspects of [modulyativnykh] relation.
… if we take color as something [vibrirueshchee] (under the action of light) that the plane of linen, the internal space of frame, the surface of wall, the plane of ceiling or anything still, among which is located the color, they appear completely they are static, to [toest] [metafizichny] and by their statics give to color additional vibration if we [neskazat] to [zhoshche], complete 100% vibrations, to [toest] on subconsious [uravne] the concrete and exceptional motion (eye of this motion it [nevidit], for the eye color perfected it is static and what is more monumental) hence and separation by subconsciousness of clean colors + the perception of each color [pootdelnost] - locally) [smeshanye] colors subconsciousness [nerazdelyaet] also it does not receive for this reason - hence the absence of dynamics, to [toest] expression. Any such linen can be counted to [mertvorozhdenym], [lishonym] life, incapable of the perception and all the more to contemplation… THE COMPLETE ABSENCE OF FEEDBACK deprives the spectator of mutual anxiety, it impoverishes it spiritually. Thus spectator does not have a possibility to [uchavstvovat] in creative [protsese]

Computation of №236
… further we will attempt in the news abstract, planar concepts, by the planar Of [plyumper] in particular with respect to of surrealism and metaphysics by using unreal objects and realistic naturalism - will attempt to express complete subconsciousness…

Effect [DAE]: if we stabilize form, simply stated, to remove breaks in the plastic of figure, let us lose almost half of emotional stress in the figure and, as a result, almost entire dynamics. We do solve the problem of stability and absence of the same…? In that entire and the craftiness: the absence of stability gives additional mobility and liveliness with perception and contemplation of means to face. Does mean if figure it is crushed into pieces, not connected with each other - this is dynamism? It is understandable. But can then you will say, why to volumetric face you do add lump flat structure? And why you did not decompose figure on the key?
, in this consists effect [DAE]. This presented question of [reshen] in the candidate “effect [DAE]”

Sites where you, [smozhite], to look my painting and figure…

contact telephone +79194863519 (request, without the matter, not to disturb)

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