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País: Puerto Rico
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autodidata en escultura.DavidAponte Biography Mr. David Aponte Resto is born in Queens N.Y.C. . February 19,1949 of Puerto Rico kindred . Attended the public school system of the City of New York. Self-taught Sculptor Doing his adolescent, due to the closes manner of living in the city. His mother would keep him and his brother,occupied with creative games, one his favorite modelling clay. Of which goes creating in him the interest in sculpture. Together with the monuments of the parks, his mother would take them to play on and in, one in particular the statue of Mr, Abraham Lincoln with two black children at his side. located at the Lincoln projects on Madison avenue east Harlem. later in he's life they moved to the west side of manhattan on Old Broadway, where his father opened his first restaurant on 125 street and their he's is kept busy in the arts, he further his development and his art skills. He graduate from Chelsea vocational high school as an electrician Helper . Called by his country to serve in the U.S. army, 304 Signal Core in the Republic of South Korea. Returns to the city. In the mid 70,s. A tv series titled roots got his attention written by author Mr. Alexis Haley. On this black man straggle to keep his African identity. This Moved him, to the point where he later, move with his family on the quest that he find himself, till this day. He establishes himself, in the Municipal of Caguas, on the island of Puerto Rico. Were he make friends with various artist and artisans of the town, of which help him furthed his quest. The style, that he prefers is Impressionistic or realism. modes of work symbolism play a very big! part in he work. like the big hand of a hard working people. and big feet, a true connection to the mother earth. He joins the “Artisans Centre of Turabo.” A one of a kind in the on the island , Directed by Mr. Edwin Baez. a Master artisan of the island. Here he meet people in the preservation of the, Puerto Rican History and Culture, through the arts. Helping him on his quest . He and other fellow artist, help form a collectives of artist called One, Centro Experimental de las Aartes (CEARTE) Two,(YA!) mean now. Who's soul purpose was to promoted the Local artists of painting, sculpture,and artisan etc. To let the people in the municipal of Caguas, come to know its artist. He was later invited by the “Museo de Art and History”, of the “Municipal of San Juan” to participate in an exposition in homage to the King Juan Carlos, of Spain on his visit to the island. Later on he is commission by the honourable Mayor William Miranda Marin of Caguas to compose a monument to commemorate the contribution of the Afro Caribbean to the Americas. He love the fact That on the island the slave would make drums out of old used barrow of “molasa” goat, skins, and rope, calling them buliador a bass drums. So with this in mine he composes a trip tic, of two dances, male and female in traditional dresses. That are 8 feet tall, and the main drummer 13 feet tall and weight six tons. All in bronzes, with he hands taped. As it must have been in those days, and now until judgement . On march 22, 07. Puerto Rico celebrated its 134 years, of the abolishment of slavery on the island march 22,1863. A date picked by the Mayor, for the unveiling. The pieces can be seen on the eastern portal of the city Rt. 183 Caguas to San Lorenzo. So remember on your next visit to Puerto Rico. Check out Caguas, The Heart and Centre of the island. He as a sculptor thanks Mr. Arthur Alfonso Schomburg for his great contribution , to our thirst for true Knowledge. more can be found at http://my.opera.com/davidelindio/albums/ of latest works for this year thanks again David Aponte Resto

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