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Usuario: L.LIGNAN
País: Reino Unido
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LUCCIA LIGNAN (b.1980 Córdoba, Spain)

Painter and Sculptress .
Lives and works in London, United Kingdom.

Begins to draw and paint at the age of nine years old; She paints the portrait of her maternal grandmother "Small Artwork on Canvas", which she still maintains, (Private Collection). Her great-grandfather, a French musician, whose family were theater actors, is an essential influence for Luccia in that universe of artistic creation. Her elegant and reliable work, perhaps showing the legacy of her English great-great-grandmother. She goes to the Painter's Studio to receive Private Painting's Class and finishes her education in The Faculty of Fine Arts Santa Isabel de Hungría at Seville University.

Luccia Lignan not only offers a creative panoramic aspect in Painting, her artistic activity includes the cultivation of Sculpture as well.Her first Sculpture Works show us an admirable irresistible personality, and her colorist talent in her Polychromatic Works, Woodcarvings or Bronzes.

Her Painting and Sculpture are inseparable.-The Feminine Polychromatic Woodcarvings and Bronzes, run in paralell and are tied up to her Pictorial Creations.

Has a conceptual background in The Group Exhibition of 1994 in "The Delegation of Córdoba" and her second in "Alfaro Gallery" of Sevilla in 1996.

Next was The Group Exhibition "Young Painting", City Council of Tarragona 1997. The figurative painting "Future in Balance", is shown in "The Prize Maestro Mateo" - Caja Sur 1998 - Honorable Mention. She has colored silhouettes and ironic homages to Boccioni in "The Delegation of Córdoba" of 1998 (Barroque Patio). Travels to Italy, London, and rest of Europe. Later, the Indivudual and Group Exhibitions in The Architectes College of Sevilla in 1999, with works of Gutierrez Solana. Palais del Congre's, Aix-en-Provence (France), International Show des Seigneurs de L'Art 99.

The spaces in Palexpo, Geneva (Switzerland), Europt 'Art 99. In 2000, celebrates her marriage to the Sculptor and Painter Angel Rengell. Additionally, she pays special attention to the Nudes in her travels to the Bretagne Français 2000-2001; FIA 2000 Venezuela, Los Angeles 2002. Expo-Arte Sevilla 2002, 2003; Art Miami 2003; Chicago (SOFA) 2004 Rennes (France), Art Miami 2005, , Antares 2006.(among others).

Exhibition Galerie Zero Arts, December-January 2006-2007, Stuttgart (Germany)
Exhibition February-March 2007 in Hamburg, Marziart International Galerie (Germany)
Form London, March 2007, London (United Kingdom)
Festival of Drawing, April-May 2007, AVA, London (United Kingdom)
Form London, February-March 2008, London (United Kingdom)
Upcoming Exhibition New York, London and FIACT 2010


La perfección no es cosa pequeña, pero está hecha de pequeñas cosas. Miguel Ángel Buonarroti

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