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Ana Magalhães

Nascida em Seia, Portugal, em Setembro de 1953.

Graduated in History of Art, she works in oil on canvas, presenting her paintings for the first time in a collective exhibition in Viseu, Portugal (“4 Montras” Art Gallery, 2003). From then on, she participated in exhibitions in Portugal and abroad, including Madrid, Vienna, Paris, Gembloux, S.Paulo, receiving several prizes for the artistic value of her work.

- Por que eres o te sientes artista?
- An artist feels differently, love differently, seeing the world differently than other mortals

- ¿Cómo emerge tu creatividad?
- Motivated by a powerful inner energy, the artist often uses exaggerated distortions by exploiting the opposition of warm and cold tones in a desperate eagerness to capture a snapshot of her visual and emotional perceptions or else blank spaces to allow the colours to “breathe” and achieve their full visual potential.

- 3 artistas
- Bosch

- ¿Que opinión te merece el mercado del arte?
- Living in another world. . .

- ¿Que opinión te merece
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