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Luis Ricardo Aguirre Vera was born on february 22, 1976, in Lima, Peru. In his childhood he liked to draw comics and special characters. In his free time, he used to draw animals like pets that he had and other animals that he saw in pictures. In 1994 he entered to the Institute of Design and communications (Instituto
Superior de Comunicación y Diseño Toulouse Lautrec) to study Advertising Design and later he entered to the (Instituto Superior San Ignacio de Loyola) to study Arts and Graphic Design. 
Since that time, he discovered that illustration would be part of his life but for different reasons he had to
stop doing it. At the moment, he shares with us his paintings that are the reflections of his inspiration such as nature and animals. He wants to transmit the fact of being conscious and respectful for animals,
its habitat as well as the environment.


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