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love gift

Categoria: Digital
Técnica: Digital

Estilo: Impresionismo

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Usuario: budha
País: Eslovaquia
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Blancag - 2009-02-18 00:00:00

Is in this work, but all say me a same subliminal message.
That to say of the work to Peter Straka, I think locate it to the artist in to the Expresionismo Dionástico, Magical and Metaphorical Symbolism, and the Desdibujo, perhaps you will be asked so that I say for what desdibujo? good for the simple reason that its appreciation the human figure in its essence, projects from his propi expectro in its own concept and context and one new style.

In this work has captured me my attention by the subliminal message that locks up I not it ubiese called “love giff” because it transmits aspects opposed to the title of the work.

I saw as drawing simply seems to me excellent much freedom in the lines, very free outlines, contrast chromatic balanced in agreement with the intention that wished to obtain the artist, I think in th

I think too that a work to Peter Straca as new artistic tendencies and Vanguardistas of the 21st century are Excellent work and how a visual registry of learning within this one sort. Excelent Work congratulations.

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